In most industrialized nations, girls do generally much better than boys in school. And yet, girls are faced with a set of specific problems that you see far less in boys.

These issues need to be addressed to create gender equality in education.

School girls

The main issues

  1. Girls suffer more than boys from an unjustified lack of self confidence in regard to their own abilities.

  2. Teenage girls are prone to specific types of mental health issues, especially depression, body image issues, and self harm.

  3. We live in a modern age of electronics, nuclear technology, and space exploration. Yet many girls are not as much engaged with these new technologies as boys for the wrong reasons.

  4. In most developing and certain medium developed nations (e.g., India), many more girls than boys do not even get the most basic levels of education.

In the coming year, more information will be added to this webpage to help parents, schools, and teachers to address these issues.

In December 2018, I gave a key-note talk about how can deal with the underrepresentation of women in STEM. The conference is called Women in the digital future: Breaking through stereotypes.




Girls out loud

UK Wide

Outreach for teenage girls

Girls Network

London and South England

Provides professional rolemodels for 14-19 year old girls/young women


UK Wide

Inspiring girls of all ages (large variety of actitivites)

Daughters of Eve

UK Wide

Protecting girls against genital mutilation


UK Wide

Encouraging girls in STEM


  • Contact me if I overlooked your charity and if you want to add your charity (

  • There are many other charities for girls and women who do great work for girls, but they have a broader aim (and are not listed). And there are charities for children in general, which of course also do great work for girls. Also, commercial or semi-commercial organisations are not listed.

  • Regular girls' only school charities not included

  • There are also various religious organisations focusing on girls, such as the Girls Brigade.

  • There are numerous other initiatives for more girls in STEM. Check this Google search.