Purpose and approach

The purpose and approach of this website can best be summarized as follows:

  • Educational: The main aims is to inform the general public and policy makers about important aspects of gender equality (it is a big topic and is currently not fully covered).

  • Evidence-based: This website looks at the facts.

  • Pragmatic: This website focuses on what works to create a fairer world for both boys and girls, men and women.

  • Fair: Boys and girls are innocent. This website does not blame them for the adult world, past or present, and aims to keep them out of the "gender wars".

  • Non-ideological: This website is not taking gender-ideological sides (neither feminist nor MRA positions).

  • Non-political: This website is not linked to any political party.

Professor Stoet has given numerous talks about the issues that boys and girls face. Notable about his work is that he shows great interest in the problems of both genders. This helps to create a more balanced perspective on gender equality than is common in today’s media.

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