Purpose and approach

The purpose and approach Professor Stoet’s information and consultancy can best be summarized as follows:

  • Educational: The main aims is to inform the general public and policy makers about important aspects of gender equality (it is a big topic and is currently not fully covered).

  • Evidence-based: This website looks at the facts.

  • Pragmatic: This website focuses on what works to create a fairer world for both boys and girls, men and women.

  • Fair: Boys and girls are innocent. This website does not blame them for the adult world, past or present, and aims to keep them out of the "gender wars".

  • Non-ideological: This website is not taking gender-ideological sides (neither feminist nor MRA positions).

  • Non-political: This website is not linked to any political party.

Professor Stoet has given numerous talks about the issues that boys and girls face. Notable about his work is that he shows great interest in the problems of both genders. This helps to create a more balanced perspective on gender equality than is common in today’s media.

Professor Stoet’s background

portrait stoet Gijsbert (English: Gilbert) Stoet is originally from The Netherlands, where he studied psychology at the well known Groningen University. In 1998, he was awareded his summa cum laude PhD at the Ludwig Maximilian’s University (aka University of Munich). In 1999, he was also awarded the Otto Hahn Medal for his doctoral research.

From 1998 to 2006, he worked at the Washington University Medical School in St.Louis in the USA, one of the world’s leading universities and medical schools. Here, he focused on the neurobiological foundation of cognitive processes.

In 2006, he moved back to Europe and has since worked at a various UK institutions (including Leeds University and Glasgow University). He is currently working as Professor of Psychology at the University of Essex, which is a research-focused university in the South East of the UK, not far from London.

Professor Stoet’s research interests

Gijsbert Stoet focuses on various different research areas in psychology and the social sciences. Much of his latest research has focused on gender differences in educational attitudes and achievement and the role of gender equality therein.

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